These ergonomic and cooling MRL Eyeballs are the perfect way to apply Eye-Drate, whilst supporting drainage of stagnant lymph and blood flow.

Eye Ball soothes and calms the skin around the eyes as you glide the spherical metal ball around the orbital of the eye socket, focusing on key acupressure points to stimulate the meridians associated with eye strain, migraines and tension.

For an added cooling affect the MRL Eyeball can be kept in the refrigerator over night.


  • Brightens the eye area Alleviates tension
  • Increases lymph & blood flow Stimulates or quietens meridians around the eye.
  • Benefits meridians in the body that run through the eyes (i.e. bladder/stomach/spleen)
  • Relieves puffiness

How to use: 

Apply Eye-Drate to the orbit of the eye, to allow for a comfortable treatment.

Using the ball end of Eyeball gently sweep underneath the eye from the inner corner (Large Intestine zone) into the outer corner (Covering spleen zone to heart zone) Repeat x3 times.

Repeat on the upper eyes (just under the browbone) from the inner eye (Bladder zone) to the outer (San Jiao), taking care not to apply to much pressure.

With the tip of the eye balls gently apply pressure either side of the bridge of the nose (Bladder points) and make small rotations for a count of 8.

Sweep up under the brow bone gently applying a little pressure and slow down the sweeping movement. X 3 times. (Covering Bladder, Gallbladder and San Jiao zones).

Using both tools, gently squeeze along the brow, lifting as you go x3 times.

Sweep in slow circular motions around the eyes, reducing the circles as you go. Spend 30 seconds on each point slowly rotating clockwise if you have tension or anti clockwise to brighten and bring energy to that point.