• A refreshing and hydrating spritz to complement any skincare routine. Hydration is key for optimum health and it is essential that ingredients in fine mists. Protective Powerful healing abilities Anti-inflammatory Anti-itch Ultra-hydrating Non-comodegenic Increases efficacy of other ingredients applied after use
  • Infuse

    Nutrient Activating Mist Enhance product penetration while infusing the skin with plant-based minerals that work to purify and nourish the complexion, ensuring you get the most out of your skincare products. Enhances product penetration Purifies skin Activated mineral benefits
  • Boost

    Peptide Activating Mist Peptide-infused, vitamin-enriched, and frequency-enhanced water rejuvenates, heals, and soothes leaving skin soft and lightly hydrated. Enhances product penetration Promotes supple, hydrated skin Delivers peptides and antioxidants


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