“Our bodies operate as one unit and it is not efficient or effective to damage or interfere with one aspect of cellular health in order to make gains elsewhere”.


Lic. TCM Ac, Dip TCM Ac, Cidesco

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Carmel Hunter is a dedicated practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncturist and Health Coach.

Carmel leads her general practice clinic (see list of conditions) with an emphasis on TCM as a healing modality to compliment the body’s natural ability to heal and thrive. She has a particular interest in PCOS, Endometrosis, Menstruation, Menopause, Emotional Wellbeing, Digestion, Oncology, Skin Conditions and Facial Rejuvenation, Muscular Skeletal Conditions, general wellbeing and active ageing.

With an impressive 25-year journey in the skin and wellness industry, Carmel has garnered multiple awards and recognition in skincare. Her commitment to continuous learning and exploration is evident in the innovative, integrative medicine techniques she uses, helping her clients unlock natural healing potentials.

Carmel first gravitated to TCM after receiving treatment in Australia in her 20’S and noticing the positive results instantly. “I became fascinated by the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the way it addresses the root cause of illness, resolving the imbalance and preventing its reoccurrence”.

As a testament to her dedication to her work, she personifies her healing philosophy in her day-to-day life, guiding and navigating her clients towards profound, transformative results.

She is a professional member of AFPA, which provides regulations of members ensuring high standards of treatment and strict codes of ethics and practice.. All members of the AFPA are approved by all health insurance companies, such as VHI, LAYA, AVIVA, GloHealth and HSF Health Plan.

Additional Post Graduate Courses

– PCOS, Evidence informed Practice, Sandro Graco

– Gynaecology and Infertility, Celine Leonard

– Holistic Skin Specialist, Dr Ben Johnson, Osmosis Skincare

– Pediatrics and supporting children on the Autism Spectrum, Rebecca Avern

– Neuromuscular Acupuncture (muscular skeletal), Darren O Rourke

– Auricular Acupuncture, Dr Fanyi Meng

– Certificate in Cosmetic Acupuncture, Dr Rebecca Stephens