“Our bodies operate as one unit and it is not efficient or effective to damage or interfere with one aspect of cellular health in order to make gains elsewhere”.

Carmel Hunter is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Acupuncturist, and Facialist based in Dublin, Ireland. Carmel leads her clinic with an emphasis on TCM as a healing modality to compliment the body’s natural ability to heal and thrive. In addition to her 20 years in the beauty and wellness industry, along with ongoing research of Integrated Medicine rooted in science, she is sharing this gift with her clients both locally and internationally.

Carmel first gravitated to TCM after receiving treatment in Australia and noticing the positive results instantly. From there she was hooked, and continues to be in awe of the benefits and results it achieves. Through TCM Carmel finds that her natural curiosity on why we may experience symptoms is addressed by treating the body through the lens of holistic medicine and looking at the whole person both physically and emotionally. Carmel often hosts retreats and workshops to share the benefits of Integrated Chinese Medicine and transforms skin through her bespoke facial treatments.

Incorporating the 5 pillars of Chinese Medicine, Carmel’s treatments allow the body to unlock what’s within and encourage healing from the inside out. Naturally drawn to the science of how food, our gut health, our environment and how we spend our time impacts our health, Carmel embodies this philosophy as part of her own life. The integration of acupuncture empowers the body to heal on every level with Carmel’s calming presence gently guiding and harmoniously achieving profound results for her clients.

A professional member of AFPA, which provides regulations of members ensuring high standards of treatment and strict codes of ethics and practice.

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